Bigfoot Information

Facts, Myth and Legend

Bigfoot is probably one of the most famous cryptids in the world. The strange creature is said to be an anthropoid man-beast reportedly living in the Northern USA and Canada. As such it is a NAPE - a North American Ape. The Canadian name for the creature is sasquatch which derives from the native word meaning "hairy giant" or "wild man". For this page I'll use the term Bigfoot to refer to both the American and Canadian variants of the creature, which many cryptozoologists believe to be essentially the same species.

Despite certain infamous video footage (which I'll come back to later) Bigfoot is not a modern "invention". It is mentioned in the legends of the Native American tribes. If Bigfoot exists it is probably a relative of the yeti, possibly even of the wendigo.

What Does Bigfoot Look Like?

Facts on Bigfoot are understandably scarce. Judging by eye-witness accounts, it is best described as an "ape man" - a traditional BHM (which is a posh way of saying "big, hairy monster"!). Reported height varies, however seven or eight feet tall seems average. Footprints have been found up to eighteen inches in length.

Bigfoot is covered in hair - not fur. Different witnesses have described this as anything from dark brown to black.

The creature walks with a loping gait somewhat akin to that of a gorilla. It has frequently been spotted at night so probably has good night vision.

It is believed to live in natural shelters such as caves that have been padded with leaves and moss. This creates a Bigfoot "lair" - a type of shelter that has also been associated with the yeti.

What To Do If You See Bigfoot or the Sasquatch

Get out of there!

React to Bigfoot like you would to any other big, powerful animal in the wild. Running might not be a good idea, but backing off slowly probably would be. Yes, you could make a fortune staying and taking photos - but then again you might not live to enjoy the money. If you want to report and possibly confirm a Bigfoot / Sasquatch sighting then you might be interested in this form at the BFRO.

All of which is interesting but does leave us with one important question: does Bigfoot exist?