Mapinguari Information

The mapinguari (also known as mapi, mapinguary and isnashi) is sometimes described as a Bigfoot like ape man. However it is more commonly thought of as a hairy giant ground sloth capable of rising up on two legs and hence giving the appearance of an ape man. When standing like this it is said to reach up to six feet in height. It's possible that this form of the mapinguari is the source of the Bolivian jucucu reports.

The mapinguari is normally reported in South America. It is said to be largely nocturnal and to have a strange, frightful cry and a foul smell. It has extremely powerful claws that can shred palm trees. Its hair is usually said to be red in colour.

When surprised or threatened it is believed to rise up on its hind legs, emit its fierce cry and display its claws. It will also become aggressive if its territory is invaded.

Weird Creature or Myth?

Does the mapinguari exist or is it a myth? There's no solid evidence either way however as with most cryptids there is much anecdotal evidence and there have been many sightings of the "monster". Giant ground sloths such as the mylodon used to exist but are believed to be long extinct. If one still exists then it could be an example of the lazurus effect.

Another suggestion is that the mapinguari, if it exists, might not be a sloth but some unusual form of anteater.

In 2015 the Finding Bigfoot TV show visited Brazil to see if they could locate the elusive manbeast in the Amazon rainforest.