The Snow Snake

Anyone interested in cryptozoology is probably going to run into the "snow snake" sooner or later. Unfortunately this is one cryptid that probably doesn't exist - at least as a living creature.

What Is A Snow Snake?

Tales of the snow snake crop up everywhere there is snow. It is supposedly a strange white snake that loves the cold. Sometimes it has eyes that look like ice, other times they are burning red. The size varies considerably.

What Is It Really?

Reptiles don't like the cold. If a living creature such as is reported exists then it's probably not really a snake but some other creature.

More likely the stories are a result of misreporting, tall tales and pranks.

The term "snow snake" has been used to refer to a stick or log covered with snow. From a distance these can look a little like a snake - especially if one has had a warming dram or two!

Hikers and campers have been known to try and scare their colleagues by warning them to beware of the snow snakes, possibly pointing at a partially obscured snow-covered stick.

Skiers often complain about their skis having been grabbed by a snow snake, causing them to fall. An uncharitable person might think that this was just an excuse.

Speaking of excuses, snow snakes are also apparently blamed by others such as truckers and delivery people for winter lateness.

So, snow snakes have been seen all over the place - but in this case seeing is not necessarily believing.

Of course, I can't say for sure that the snow snake doesn't exist. Maybe one day I'll be proved wrong.