Earth Mysteries Information

The Strange Side of our Planet

Like so many aspects of the wyrd the term earth mysteries doesn't have one single, simple definition.


The phrase appears to have originated in the 1970s. Initially the term "earth mysteries" was reserved for those subjects on the fringe of archaeology. This mainly consisted of looking at ancient sites - standing stones, burial mounds, sacred places etc - with an emphasis on their mythic, spiritual and possibly paranormal importance. A student of earth mysteries needs to be equally at home with geomorphology, astronomy and ancient folklore.

This study of earth mysteries tied in well with the theory of ley lines and the study of leys quickly became labelled an earth mystery. The category could also be said to include scrying techniques such as dowsing which some believe tap into unknown earth energies.

At the time earth mysteries began gaining a foothold, much of the orthodox archaeology profession had little time for it. Materialism was the order of the day and anything of wider scope - in particular concern for the spiritual aspects of the past - was looked down upon. Since those days the profession has come a long way and intelligent modern archaeology treats earth mysteries with respect, albeit with a difference in emphasis.

Today the term earth mysteries has expanded even further and has come to be used to refer to any strange featues of our planet Earth including ball lightning, crop circles, and lights in the sky.

In connection with the latter - and aerial earth mysteries in general - the field is often of interest to UFO researchers. Meteorological phenomena have been the source of many UFO reports; whilst on the other side of the coin, many believe that UFO activity accounts for many unexplained earth phenomena.

Gaia theory features prominently in modern earth mystery studies. Whilst there are still many people who devote their energy to individual phenomena in isolation, earth studies are increasingly taking a more holistic view. Earth mystery researchers today frequently look at the interaction between different elements of the vast, ancient planetary system to which the human race belongs.