The Human Mind

A Tool of Great Power

But What IS It?

What is the mind?

What is consciousness?

What is Will?

Mystics, philosophers and scientists have been asking those questions for millennia. We still don't have the answers. Modern science can tell us a great deal about the workings of the brain and can theorise about mental phenomena. But we still don't really understand our own minds.

The Mind Brain Problem

Many scientists would argue that there is nothing special about the human mind. Our mind just an emergent property of the complex information system that is our brain. Consciousness is simply a by-product of complexity.

According to the repectable modern scientific theories, the mind is simply another physical system subject to and constrained by normal physical laws.

Others reject that approach as too simplistic. Experiential evidence shows that the mind is more than just a side-effect of a complex physical system. That assertion can't be tested by scientific method, but most of us know it to be true.

Then there's the whole question of quantum mechanics, the Copenhagen interpretation and awkward questions such as "What constitutes an observer?".

I believe there is something special about the human mind. Unfortunately this Cartesian dualism is no longer fashionable. The Skeptics and many so-called scientists reject it out of hand.

One thing that all sides agree on: the human mind is powerful. It's our own private magic door.

Oh, a magic door! Well, why didn't you say?