Society Palmist, Astrologer and Numerologist

One of the names most associated with (relatively) modern numerology is that of Cheiro. Cheiro was a twentieth century psychic and clairvoyant who was particularly famous for his use of palmistry, astrology and Chaldean numerology.


Cheiro was born in Ireland in 1866, his real name being William John Warner. He later used the name Count Louis Hamon and the working name Cheiro (the latter derived from cheiromany, meaning palmistry).

As Cheiro he developed a reputation as a clairvoyant and was often employed by the rich and famous. Among the predictions attributed to him were the deaths of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII and the Cza of Russia. Any psychic successfully predicting such high profile events today would probably be whisked off by the security forces for interrogation!


Cheiro spent much time on occult research and published many of his findings in a number of books. These were very popular and you can still buy many today. He also wrote Cheiro's Memoirs: The Reminiscences of a Society Palmist in which he discusses his life and work.

One of the best known of Cheiro's books was his Book of Numbers. This, as the title suggests, dealt specifically with the field of numerology. The book is claimed to contain knowledge gained by Cheiro from Brahmins in India. Although the Book of Numbers is old-fashioned in writing style and content, many modern numerologists still believe it to be full of wisdom.