Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

The traditional singing bowl material was a complex alloy of metal. Today many singing bowls on the market are described as crystal and these are becoming increasingly popular to buy.

What Are Crystal Singing Bowls?

In principle the crystal bowls are much the same as its counterpart, the difference is simply the material from which they're produced. Instead of metal they're made from crushed and powdered silicon quartz, the purer the better - quality bowls can reach well over 99% pure quartz.


Appearance varies considerably between different bowls. In particular the opacity varies from completely opaque to totally transparent and glass-like in appearance. They're sometimes categorised as "frosted", "clear" or "optically clear".


Like traditional metal bowls, the crystal variety are played to produce an intense sound. However the nature of this sound is very different. The alloy of metals in the traditional bowl produces a series of complex harmonics whereas the pure quartz produces a single, pure "sine wave" tone. During the manufacturing process the bowl is "tuned" to the desired note. Smaller bowls generally have a higher tone than larger ones.

The individual tones produced by bowls of this nature are often associated with other symbols, objects, entities, etc. For example bowls are often said to be attuned to particular colours and chakras. Other people connect the notes to the heavenly bodies and refer to these as planetary bowls.

A popular buying choice is a set of seven differently tuned crystal singing bowls known as a chakra set.