Singing Bowl Cushions

A popular accessory to go with a new singing bowl - either for yourself or as a gift - is a special cushion. You can buy these in a variety of sizes and designs both online and from specialist stores.

What Is A Singing Bowl Cushion?

A singing bowl cushion is simply a soft, padded cushion on which to place your bowl. Why would you want one? The main uses are decorative, practical and symbolic.


At the most basic level the cushion is simply a decorative item, showing off your bowl to its best advantage. It looks nice. However that's only part of the its purpose.


The cushion is also practical, supporting your bowl and protecting it from some forms of possible damage. Most of the cushions you can buy are circular shaped with an indentation in the middle - some are torus shaped and have a hole at the centre. This shape allows the singing bowl to be supported and kept upright in a convenient position for playing. Some people with more knowledge of music than me say that the soft support also enhances the sound.


Finally there is the symbolic aspect. Many people like to buy cushions with colours and/or designs that reflect and enhace the metaphysical atmosphere of meditation. For example you can buy singing bowl cushions which display the Om symbol from Tibetan and Buddhist mantras.