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Singing Bowl Healing

Music can be very powerful, it can have an intense effect on our state of mind and emotions. It can calm us, excite us, make us happy, make us sad.

The music of singing bowls is used by many to enhance meditation, contemplation and general relaxation. For many people, being able to let go of stress and relax is a very positive thing. Some people believe that music such as that produced by singing bowls can actually enhance emotional and perhaps even physical healing. This is known as sound healing.


The claimed healing power of music is said to be linked to the seven chakras. This fits in well with the symbolism of the the singing bowl. Traditional Tibetan bowls were made from an alloy of seven metals which represented the seven "planets" of astrology, themselves in turn identified with the seven chakras. Modern crystal singing bowls produce clear single tones rather than complex harmonics. The individual tones of different bowls are themselves said to be linked to specific chakras, allowing music to be targetted to particular areas of the body or combined for a whole body sound.

If you're lucky enough to own and be able to play your own singing bowls then you can obviously experiment to discover which combinations work best for you. For the rest of us there are a variety of compositions available to buy on CD or download online.

Singing bowl music can definitely help relaxation and concentration, however it should not be seen as an alternative to conventional medicine. Always consult your doctor.