Psychic Questing

The term psychic questing is usually attributed to the author Andrew Collins who - along with Graham Phillips - discovered the Meonia Sword. The concept itself has similarities with ancient practices such as the Tibetan Terma.

What Is Psychic Questing?

Psychic questing has been described as a treasure hunt using psychic abilities. It's usually thought of as having a tangible, physical goal although some people also use the term to refer to a process of personal growth and enlightenment.

During a quest, the psychic attempts to discover some unknown or hidden item by use of whatever methods are most appropriate. This can include dowsing, crystal gazing, psychometry etc. Essentially the psychic is trying to tap into the vibrations of the target via whatever method works best for them.

A psychic quest is often aimed at locating a specific object. This can be anything from a lost piece of jewelry to the Holy Grail. At other times there is no specific target - the psychic is simply trying to find articles associated with a particular person, place or event. Another version of the quest uses psychic abilities to discover the untold story behind some artefact.


Until 1998 the annual event for those interested in this subject was the Psychic Questing Conference. The word "psychic" immediately produces a negative reaction from certain skeptics, so in 1998 the conference was renamed as simply the "Questing Conference". The name has since been further shortened to Questcon.

QuestCon 2007 is due to take place in Glastonbury in November and will mark Cygnus Day.

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