Dowsing FAQ

•   What is Dowsing?
Dowsing is a form of scrying that is used to identify the location of objects. The most well known form of dowsing involves locating water or metals beneath the earth.

•   What Is Water Witching?
Water witching is a term for the use of dowsing to locate water underground.

•   What Is Grave Dowsing?
Grave dowsing - also sometimes known as grave witching - uses dowsing techniques to find old unmarked graves. This can be useful to archaeologists and genealogists.

•   What Can I Dowse For?
Anything! Although dowsing is usually associated with water, many dowsers use identical or similar methods to identify other objects such as metal (eg lost coins, gold, etc) or even oil. There are many potential uses.

•   Does Dowsing Work?
Yes: Many dowsers use dowsing professionally and achieve consistent results.
No: Some Skeptics have tried to test dowsing and produced results no better than chance.
Maybe: Try it yourself and see - if it works for you that's all that matters.

•   Is There a Scientific Basis for Dowsing?
Yes - there are many. Unfortunately these are all just theories. The most common theories usually speculate that the dowser is somehow tapping into a rarely used earth sense. Words like "field" and "vibration" tend to be used frequently.

•   Can I Learn to Dowse?
Most dowsers agree that anyone can learn to dowse, it's a natural ability. However if you're not used to divination work then you might find it difficult to teach yourself. You could consider contacting a local dowser or dowsing society for advice.

•   Do I Need Expensive Dowsing Equipment?
There are many sophisticated, sometimes high-tech, dowsing rods and tools for sale online today. However dowsing has been performed successfully for centuries with nothing more than a freshly cut Y-shaped twig! It all depends on your style. Some dowsers prefer a smooth metallic rod of the sort you can buy, others feel better with a forked twig that they've picked themselves. Or you can simply use your favourite crystal and try your hand at pendulum dowsing.