Dowsing - Some Possible Uses

To most of us the word dowsing brings to mind someone with a forked stick trying to locate water in the garden. However the basic dowsing technique can be use to try to find almost anything. Some of the reported uses of dowsing include:

• Pipes
Where there are no plans available for an area it can sometimes be difficult to determine where underground pipes run. Some dowsers believe that they can help to locate these. Whether they are finding the water in the pipes or the metal of the pipe itself is unclear.

• Oil
If dowsing can locate water, can it also find oil? If so then it would clearly be a valuable skill so it's one that many try to perfect.

• Minerals, Gold
Perhaps the next logical extension of the dowsing skill is to attempt to use to use it to discover underground mineral deposits, especially valuable metals such as gold.

• Archaeology
Effective dowsing could be very useful to archaeologists in helping them to locate the sites of old ruins, graves, battles, etc.

• Genealogy
Some genealogists have used grave dowsing to help in finding old unmarked graves that might be the burial places of their ancestors.

• Lost Items
Some like to use dowsing as a form of "metal detector", a sort of psychic treasure hunting. This can include looking for lost items such as keys and rings as well as attempting to identify locations where ancient treasure might be buried.

• Lottery Numbers
Dowsing has sometimes been used to attempt to predict forthcoming lottery numbers. If this does work then it would be a form of predictive ability which probably shouldn't be classed as dowsing - dowsing is really about discovering the presence of objects that currently exist rather than telling the future. In this case the dowsing rod would probably be acting as a prop or channel for some other form of psychic or psi power.

• Pregnancy
I admit this is a new one on me, but apparently many dowers are asked "Can dowsing tell me if I am pregnant?". I suppose that since the essence of dowsing is to locate an unseen object then perhaps it could apply to a foetus. However I would not recommend relying on it for such vital information and instead would suggest you use conventional methods, buy the correct tests and consult your doctor if appropriate.

All of the above have been tried, different users claim different levels of success.