Moonstone is the official US birth stone for June. Popular moonstone jewelry you can buy today includes pendants, necklaces and earrings.

What Is Moonstone?

From a technical perspective a variety of potassium feldspar called Orthoclase. The word orthoclase comes from the Greek orthos - straight - and klan - break. This refers to its perpendicular cleavage planes.

But the name moonstone is a lot more romantic!

Moonstone varies between translucent and nearly transparent, frequently it has a pearl-like appearance. The most well known moonstones are milky white with a touch of blue, however it can also be found in other colours such as grey, yellow or pink. It reflects the light in a shimmering fashion known as adularescence - this is due to two different types of feldspar with different refractive indices inter-mingling.

You can also buy a variety known as "rainbow moonstone". This is basically milky-white but has a rainbow sheen.

Moonstone is a relatively soft stone and can scratched more easily than some other gems.

Symbolism and Lore

Moonstone is, as the name suggests, usually associated with the moon due its shimmering milky appearance. The Romans believed that it was formed from drops of moonlight. As such it is attributed with those properties traditionally associated with the moon: romance, femininity, intuition, dreams, the emotions, etc.

Moonstone, especially the rainbow variety is popular with many pagans and people who follow Goddess based paths.


Many cultures have believed the moonstone to be a calming, healing stone. Due to its feminine associations it has also been said to increase a woman's fertility and even to ease menstruation.

It has sometimes been said to allow a glimpse of the future. Some have said that it assists in achieving lucid dreams.